Work my heart, work my soul,

Trust in the Lord is my only goal.

Seek Him at thy prayer each day

Ask His grace it’s the only way.

Show me Lord and take my hand

Lead me to the promised land.

You watch and wonder with your love,

I know it’s sanctioned from above.

For in your time there was no loss,

He died for sins upon the cross.

For love and grace and tender care

I cannot see but know you’re here

And there’s one last thing I must say,

I pray these words to You each day.

By David Roberto


No member of the faith community grieves alone. The compassionate

God embraces all; the outreach of bereavement ministry will be no

less compassionate as it strives to be the loving comfort of God here

and now. Together, while comforting the bereaved, we worship,

praise, and thank God for the gift of this life, which has been returned

to Him.

The Bereavement Ministry, includes Funeral Liturgy planning,

reception after funeral, and Grief Support Program. Ministering to the

grieved is the responsibility of the entire parish, and this ministry

works at involving many other parish ministries for the Funeral

Liturgy such as the Ministers of Music, Lectors, Extraordinary

Ministers of Holy Communion, Sacristans and Altar Servers. Their

participation is vital to the success of the Bereavement Ministry.

-Funeral Ministers meet with the family of the deceased to offer them

comfort and to assist in their choosing the readings and music and

other details of the Liturgy. Ministers may also attend the wake and/or

committal for prayers when Father is not available.

-Reception Ministers are notified when a reception is requested by the

family of the deceased and work in teams to provide food and drink

after the funerals. They cook and/or set up and serve at the reception.

-Grief Support facilitators offer, twice a year, a 6-week support

program for those who have experienced the death of a loved one.


A kind heart and a compassionate nature is the experience necessary

for all phases of Bereavement Ministers. Training and mentoring are

provided. If you feel you are being called by God to participate in any

phase of this compassionate ministry please contact the parish office

at 352 245-2458. We need you!