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I have to be honest, until I got the assignment I never heard of Belleview, I am sure people mentioned the town but it never stuck. The only Belleview I knew was the mental hospital in New York, boy am I pleasantly surprised. I have come up a few times to see the parish and meet the staff, what a wonderful parish! I had lunch with Monsignor Jim, what a beautiful, gentle soul! Fr. David has done a fantastic job, he exemplifies that wonderful Filipino spirit, kindness, joy and a gentle strength. He left a well-run, organized, giving church. He, the staff, and you, The Parishioners, have created a hidden gem. Your love for the less fortunate is second to none, the spirit of self-giving astounds me. I just hope that I can add something to this remarkable parish.

I love the beauty of the new church, it is elegant in its simplicity, and I pray that one day that it will be too small. For I believe God has great plans for us. What a beautiful name St Theresa, maybe we should name it St. Therese’s- plural. You have the simplicity of St Therese and the love for the poor of St. Teresa of Calcutta, you embody both.

A little about me. My most recent assignment was at St Peter’s, in Deland. I spent 15 wonderful years there, and like you, they try to care for the less fortunate. I was born in New York, one of six children, third child, oldest boy. I have been blessed with wonderful parents. My dad passed 10 years ago but gratefully my mom is still living. She is Italian, and makes the BEST spaghetti and meatballs. I have two dachshunds, Gracie Marie and Lily Therese! I love them.

I enjoy sports. Growing up in New York City I loved basketball and any form of baseball, stick ball, punch ball off the stoop. I am afraid those days are gone. Now I try to swim as I have a cranky back and I have to find a pool. I asked St Therese to work on that, maybe I will resume my tennis career.

I am happy to be here and along with you, I want to give my all for Jesus!. I don’t want to hold anything back.We only have one life to live, so let’s make it the best. Love the Lord Jesus and serve others, that is the formula for a happy, contented life. The next years are the best years! Thank you for accepting me. I can’t wait to get started!!

Love and Blessings | Fr Tom