Under this department is the Religious Education under Christian Formation. This religious education is for people of all ages in all stages of life, welcome to continue their journey of faith through knowledge and participation. We strive to offer opportunities for people of all ages to grow in love and service to God as we strive to become disciples of Jesus Christ in our daily lives. We do this through the sacraments, liturgy and learning opportunities. We welcome your questions, concerns, needs, and desires as they relate to your personal formation into a disciple of Christ. Pastoral Care and Religious Education ministries exist for people of all ages to grow in love and service to God. All our programs are coordinated with the Diocese of Orlando to let staff and volunteers present meaningful spiritual educational programs and events. These include Bible studies small faith communities, and preparing the faithful for the sacraments.

With a solid foundation of Catechists, Respite Care, Respect for Life Ministry and praying for vocations through the Elijah Cup program. Other Pastoral Care programs include volunteers, we welcome new members of all ages and walks of life as they answer their personal call from God to grow in faith. We also continue to nourish all families who are part of our parish end.

Religious Education | Faith Formation | Youth


  • We believe that Religious Education is ongoing from womb to tomb.
  • We strive to offer programs for all stages of life.
  • We believe everyone is on a journey in his/her faith life.
  • We strive to be a guide on that journey.
  • We believe Jesus was the perfect example of a teacher.
  • We strive to be like Jesus.
  • We believe that a relationship with Jesus will guarantee a peace known to friends of Jesus.
  • We strive to empower all to live as disciples of Jesus.
  • We believe it takes a village to raise a child.
  • We strive to be that village of faith that will be a resource for families in this community.

Don’t Forget!

Make sure to check out the Knights of Columbus if you are interested in joining. Please check out their website for more information.