The purpose of this ministry is to provide the sick or shut-in with an experience of the care and concern of their faith community and also, to provide an opportunity to pray with others and to receive the Eucharist. It is a way to keep the sick and shut-in connected with their faith community. This service is offered to those people hospitalized, in nursing homes, or confined to private homes.

This ministry is provided by trained and certified lay men and women, ordained deacons, vowed religious sisters and brothers, and priests within the Diocese of Orlando.

If you are entering a nursing home, rehab facility, or are confined to your home and you wish to receive Holy Communion, please call the office at (352) 245-2458 to let them know and an MTS Minister will contact you.

If you are admitted to the hospital and wish to receive Holy Communion

  • Make sure you are added to the Catholic list
  • Request that you wish to receive Holy Communion during your stay

Qualities of a Minister to the Sick

Ministry to the Sick is a service offered to people at vulnerable and painful times in their lives. The person who service the sick and shut-in needs to have specific qualities and gifts, such as:

  • Practicing Catholic
  • 18 years of age
  • A listening presence
  • Compassion and empathy
  • A non-judgmental attitude
  • Confidentiality
  • Commitment and follow-through
  • Prayerfulness
  • Gentleness of manner
  • Commitment to continuous training and spiritual development
  • Must be fingerprinted (every 5 years)
  • Must take the Diocese of Orlando Safe Environment Training (video, online)


Because Ministers to the Sick represents the Church and serve as its evangelists, it is necessary that they be trained and developed for the responsibility. The Diocesan MTS certification is obtained after completion of a 1/2 day Basic MTS Training and a 1/2 day Eucharistic Ministry Training workshops, surely done on the same day.

The Eucharistic trainings are offered by the Liturgy office. These are offered throughout the year at different parishes. The pastor and the MTS Coordinator recommend those ministers to be trained and certified. Ministers of the Sick must complete eighteen (18) hours of spiritual development in order to be recertified every five (5) years.

This can be a spiritual uplifting knowing you responded to God’s call “for I was sick…I was alone…and you visited me… when you did it to these… you were doing it to me!” (Matt. 25:36-40)

If this sounds like a ministry for you please call the Pastor at (352) 245-2458 or MTS Coordina If tor, Donna, at (352) 687-1070 or the Co-Coordinator David at (352) 347-8492.