Our Respite Care Team

The focus of this ministry is to provide Respite Care to the care giver of a sick or handicapped individual while in their care. Our goal is to allow the care giver a time period of rest and be temporarily relieved of the continuous duty of caring for a loved one. The mental and physical health of the care giver is of tremendous importance in order to continue to be the primary caretaker of the person within their control.

Donna Krause
352-245-2458 ext 313

About Me

I am a transplant from Michigan, been a part of the St. Theresa’s parish since 1984. Mother of 2 & Grandmother of 3 Retired from Lockheed Martin. My hobbies are making personal greeting cards, cross-stitching, knitting & diamond painting. I enjoy my four-legged friends 4 dogs & 1 cat. I treasure the days I get to stay home all day preferably in my PJs.

How Would this Ministry Work?

Volunteers (of at least 2 people) would visit the home of the “client” to relieve the care giver for a period of time. It is understood that that relief would be between 2 to 4 hours. The care giver can at this time go shopping; take care of personal needs, or simply relax away from the home.

The responsibility of the volunteer is to observe the situation, engage in conversation, play games, etc. but under no circumstances are they to dispense medications,provideheavy lifting, or attend to any personal needs of the “client”. Refer to a complete list of the do’s and don’ts of this ministry under separate cover.

In order to begin this Ministry, several steps would need to be taken, in the order as presented, prior to any actual care being offered.

Step 1

Secure an individual(s) to be the coordinator(s) to oversee this sub-ministry.

Step 2

Secure at least 2-4 people, with medical backgrounds, to be the interviewers of the perspective “clients” and ascertain if they fit within our program. Some people may need more than what this ministry can provide.

Step 3

Secure volunteers to be willing to visit the homes and offer this care. It is advisable to have from 5-6 people per “client”.

Step 4

All volunteers and coordinators will need to be finger printed and complete a Safety Environmental Course which can be done on line. Finger printing must be done though the Diocese of Orlando and is good for 5 years. If you had been finger printed though any other organization, outside of the Diocese, it is not valid and must be done again. All finger printing is done electronically though the Parish of Blessed Trinity in Ocala.

Step 5

Secure the “client” base. The rules of engagement with any perspective “client” shall be detailed by the Diocese prior to any interviews taking place.

Step 6

All reporting of volunteer hours with each “client” shall be done though Saint Theresa’s Parish on forms provided by the Diocese. This reporting procedure can be done on a monthly basis.

Respite Care meets every second Thursday of each month at 9:15 am in the Parish Hall.

Respite Care Ministry Needs YOU!

We need volunteers to make home visits, allowing the regular caregiver periodic time off from the care of their loved one. Should you be interested or for more information, please contact: Donna Krause @ 352-687-1070